Full Day Rate 1200$

up to 8 hours of filming on site including set-up (video editing) is not included.

Half Day Rate 600$

up to 4 hours of filming on site including set-up (video editing) is not included.

Hourly Rate 175$

2 hours minimum 

including set-up (video editing) is not included.

Pre-Production Rates

Location scouting ,script, planning, scheduling, concept, story boarding.

starting at $50/hour​

Add-Ons (Rates Varies)

Studio or Location Fees (if needed)


Gaffer & Grip (Lighting)

Boom Operator (Audio) 

Models / Actors 

Makeup Artist 


Post Production Rates

Video Editing

Basic Video Editing Hourly Rate 

( sync, cut, color)

starting at $75/hour​

Advanced Video Editing Hourly Rate 

(motion graphics/animation)

starting at $125/hour​

Add-Ons: (Rates Varies)

Licensed music track


Stock Video Clips 

Editing Revisions 

Urgent Deliveries 

Hard Drive Delivery

Most projects are delivered via the Internet; however, if you require hard drive delivery, that is offered as well.

Your Hard Drive

A copy of your final video + all the project files & raw video files to your personal hard drive 

(Projects under 2TB) 


Provided Hard Drive (From Us)

A copy of your final video + all the project files & raw video files to a hard drive I will provide 

(Projects under 2TB) 


Flash drive

A copy of your final video on a flash drive I will provide.


Travel Rates (outside Houston)

I will travel to locations within a 25-mile drive without any additional charge.

The rates for anything over that are as seen below.

Driving Mileage

$1/ mile – Ground (round trip) or pre-determined fee.

Long Distance Travel

Anything beyond 300 miles requires airfare

Airfare cost + $300/day (round trip, per crew member


Once you decide which package you want, please send an email to to discuss availability. 

Once a date and time is selected you will receive an email with a production agreement and invoice for the non-refundable deposit to 

secure that date and time. 

You will have 24 hrs to pay the deposit for slots which are first come first serve.

A deposit and contract signature is required in order to book a video shoot. 

After the deposit is made you will receive another invoice for the remaining balance which is due the day of the shoot 

before the shoot begins. 

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